Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TRACK RECORD - Joan Armatrading

YEAR: 1983


TRACK LISTING: Drop the Pilot, (I Love It When You) Call Me Names, Frustration, When I Get It Right, I'm Lucky, Me Myself I, The Weakness In Me, Heaven, Down To Zero, Love and Affection, Show Some Emotion, Willow, Rosie

IMPRESSIONS: I usually don't choose "greatest hits" collections to put up her except when I don't have a representative of actual albums -- and this is the case with Joan Armatrading. It was this album which caused me to fall in love with her music and it was my late friend Cindy who put me onto it. This album of Joan's greatest hits is a perfect compact primer to what she's all about; even though my favourite Joan Armatrading song ("Save Me") is not included. However, this album will always mean to me those wonderful years camping with Cindy and Rob at various state parks. Like every other time in my life, there is certain music I will always associate with those camping trips: Van Morrison's "TUPELO HONEY" and "BEST OF" collection, Jackson Brown's "RUNNING ON EMPTY", Bonnie Raitt's "NICK OF TIME", the 1979 film soundtrack of "HAIR", Stevie Nicks' best of "TIMEPIECE" and above all Joan Armatrading's "TRACK RECORD".


FACT SHEET: Greatest Hits. Nuff said.

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