Wednesday, February 1, 2012

RESULTS - Liza Minnelli

YEAR: 1989


TRACK LISTING: I Want You To Know, Losing My Mind, If There Was Love, So Sorry I Said, Don't Drop Bombs, Twist In My Sobriety, Rent, Love Pains, Tonight Is Forever, I Can't Say Goodnight

IMPRESSIONS: I should get a toaster oven for this album! Not so much a Liza Minnelli album as a Pet Shop Boys album featuring vocals by Liza. I originally got this album on cassette tape back in 1989. I don't remember why. I assume they must've played a video from it on MTV since this album was a monster hit in Britain. Either that or it was because of that marathon car ride to Atlantic City described in the entry for the "LIZA WITH A 'Z'" album. No matter how it happened, I actually like the album a lot more now than I did then; I suppose the oddity had to age like port wine cheese before I could truly appreciate it. It also rockets me back to that time.

GUEST ARTISTS: Angelo Badalamenti (orchestral arrangements), Anne Dudley (orchestra arrangement, orchestra conductor), Chris Lowe (songwriting, keyboards, programming), Courtney Pine (saxophone), Neil Tennant (songwriting, keyboards, backing vocals, vocoder)

MY FAVOURITE TRACKS: I Want To Know, Losing My Mind, If There Was Love, So Sorry I Said, Don't Drop Bombs, Twist In My Sobriety, Rent

FACT SHEET: RESULTS is Liza Minnelli's ninth album. It was produced by the Pet Shop Boys and Julian Mendelsohn. All the songs were written by Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant except for Stephen Sondheim's "Losing My Mind", the Tanita Tikaram cover of "Twist In My Sobriety" and the Yvonne Elliman cover of "Love Pains" written by Steve Barri, Michael Price and Dan Walsh. "Losing My Mind" is from the 1971 musical "FOLLIES". The outro to "If There Was Love" features Liza reciting William Shakespeare's "Sonnet 94". The album reached #6 on the UK album charts and the single "Losing My Mind" reached #6 on the UK singles charts; unfortunately the album only reached #128 on the US album charts. The title of the album derives from an incident in a bar when Minnelli complemented a woman's dress; the woman thanked Liza and explained it was her "results" dress by quipping "When I wear this dress, I get results!"

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