Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION - Black Country Communion

YEAR: 2010

LABEL: J & R Adventures

TRACK LISTING: Black Country, One Last Soul, The Great Divide, Down Again, Beggarman, Song of Yesterday, No Time, Medusa, The Revolution In Me, Stand (At the Burning Tree), Sista Jane

IMPRESSIONS: The newest supergroup. No better description of the album could top Glenn Hughes' own: "...a traditional classic rock record with a modern twist." Hughes also quipped on THAT METAL SHOW that they went into the studio planning to make a new album but ended up sounding like it was 1974. This of course is a very very good thing. The release less than a year later of their second album sounds a little too derivative of Led Zeppelin and others but this debut is a fresh sounding as it gets.

MY FAVOURITE TRACKS: Black Country, One Last Soul, The Great Divide, Down Again, Song of Yesterday, No Time, Medusa, Stand (At the Burning Tree), Sista Jane, Too Late For the Sun

FACT SHEET: BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION is Black Country Communion's first album. Working together at L.A.'s Guitar Center King of the Blues event, Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa decided to record together. Producer Kevin Shirley suggested they include Jason Bonham on drums and, not wanting to be a power trio, they also brought in former Dream Theater keyboardist Derek Sherinian. The group named themselves "Black Country" after the English industrial area of Hughes' and Bonham's hometowns; however another group had the name so they altered it to "Black Country Communion". "Medusa" is a cover of a 1970 song by Hughes' old group Trapeze. The album was nominated for the 2011 Penguin Award and won the 2011 Song of the Year Penguin Award for "Song of Yesterday".

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