Friday, August 12, 2011

NICK OF TIME - Bonnie Raitt

YEAR: 1989

LABEL: Capitol

TRACK LISTING: Nick of Time, Thing Called Love, Love Letter, Cry On My Shoulder, Real Man, Nobody's Girl, Have A Heart, Too Soon To Tell, I Will Not Be Denied, I Ain't Gonna Let You Break My Heart Again, The Road's My Middle Name

IMPRESSIONS: This is a camping album. Every year from the late 1980s to the early 1990s, we used to go camping with Cindy & Rob up to various State Parks usually in September/October during the off season. Consequently, we would usually have the entire state park all to ourselves. Every trip there would always be particular music which got played A LOT; either stuff I'd never heard before or stuff we all loved and played during the camping trip for some reason. I like to think it was the great cosmic head of lettuce dictating the soundtrack of our fun. Be that as it may, the NICK OF TIME album was huge at the time and we were fans of it just like everyone else. So even though this is one of those great albums which I rarely play any more (probably because I listened to it so much back then), whenever I do put it on I am immediately transported back to those campgrounds when we were all wacky and young, when textures were EVERYTHING and when a hammock was the only way to travel. This is dedicated to Cindy & Rob, to the Queen, to Paulster, to Cheeks, to Dee and to all those happy campers of days gone by. Love and mittens!

MY FAVORITE TRACKS: Nick of Time, Love Letter, Cry On My Shoulder, Real Man, Too Soon To Tell

GUEST ARTISTS: David Crosby (background vocals), Ricky Fataar (drums), Herbie Hancock (piano), Graham Nash (background vocals), Don Was (keyboards)

FACT SHEET: NICK OF TIME is Bonnie Raitt's 10th album. After meeting producer Don Was during the recording of the STAY AWAKE Disney tribute album and being pleased with his production of her cover version of "Baby Mine", Raitt asked Was to produce her next album. Up until then, Raitt was something of a well-kept secret but NICK OF TIME blew up into a megahit which won three Grammys and rocketed the singer to worldwide fame.

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