Monday, August 1, 2011


YEAR: 1980

LABEL: Chrysalis

TRACK LISTING: Treat Me Right, You Better Run, Never Wanna Leave You, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Hell Is For Children, Little Paradise, I'm Gonna Follow You, Wuthering Heights, Prisoner of Love, Out-A-Touch

IMPRESSIONS: Exactly 30 years ago today, MTV first went on the air. Everyone knows the first video played was the Buggles' "VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR" but what was the second? Of course, it was Pat Benatar's "YOU BETTER RUN". I was watching when MTV went on the air but that was not nearly the first time I had seen Ms. Benatar. Cuz before there was MTV there was HBO and believe it or don't HBO used to play music videos in between movies before the next film started. And frequent plays were the collection of videos from this album: "YOU BETTER RUN", "HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT" and, the best of all my fave Benatar song ever, "I'M GONNA FOLLOW YOU". Also, it's hard to believe but Merv Griffin was a HUGE fan of Pat Benatar and pushed her in the public mind via his own talk show. Also, I didn't know it at the time but this was also my first encounter with Kate Bush via Pat's cover of "WUTHERING HEIGHTS". Talk about transporting me immediately back into 1980, this album does that!

MY FAVOURITE TRACKS: You Better Run, I'm Gonna Follow You, Wuthering Heights

FACT SHEET: CRIMES OF PASSION is Pat Benatar's second album. Surely owing to the bump of heavy MTV rotation, the album is still her biggest seller to date going 5 times platinum.

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