Monday, July 18, 2011


YEAR: 1985


TRACK LISTING: Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God), Hounds of Love, The Big Sky, Mother Stands For Comfort, Cloudbusting, And Dream of Sheep, Under Ice, Waking the Witch, Watching You Without Me, Jig of Life, Hello Earth, The Morning Fog

BONUS TRACKS: The Big Sky (Meteorological Mix), Running Up That Hill (12" Mix), Be Kind To My Mistakes, Under the Ivy, Burning Bridge, My Lagan Love

IMPRESSIONS: This is my favourite album of all time, just so you know. HOUNDS OF LOVE is Kate Bush's fifth album. It won the honorary retroactive Penguin Award for Album of the Year 1985 (because Penguin Awards were not established until 1990). Side One (from the LP days) consists of separate songs (most of which were hit singles). Side Two contains the song cycle entitled "The Ninth Wave" which tells the impressionistic tale of a survivor of some disaster floating in the ocean hoping for rescue. Delirium sets in accounting for the wild hallucinatory images conjured by Kate and her fairlight.

MY FAVOURITE TRACKS: Literally every single one of them!

GUEST ARTISTS: John Williams plays acoustic guitar on "The Morning Fog"

FACT SHEET: This is Kate Bush's 5th album. HOUNDS OF LOVE entered the UK album chart at #1 (her 2nd album to reach #1) knocking Madonna's LIKE A VIRGIN off the top of the charts. The song "Cloudbusting" is based on Peter Reich's "Book of Dreams" concerning his relationship with his father Wilhelm Reich who claimed to be a rainmaker. The famous video starred Donald Sutherland as the father with Kate in drag as the son. The helicopter heard in "The Ninth Wave" song cycle is taken from Pink Floyd's "The Wall" album. The spoken words "It's in the trees! It's coming!" at the beginning of "Hounds of Love" is a clip from the 1957 classic British horror film NIGHT OF THE DEMON spoken by actor Maurice Denham. The choral music heard during "Hello Earth" is by the Richard Hickox Singers performing a Georgian traditional song entitled "Tsintskaro". The bonus track "Be Kind To My Mistakes" is from the 1986 film CASTAWAY directed by Nicholas Roeg.

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