Friday, July 22, 2011

DRIVING HOME - Cheryl Wheeler

YEAR: 1993

LABEL: Philo/Rounder

TRACK LISTING: Driving Home, Silver Lining, Music In My Room, Frequently Wrong But Never In Doubt, Don't Forget the Guns, Act of Nature, 75 Septembers, Spring, Bad Connection, When Fall Comes To New England, Orbiting Jupiter, Almost

IMPRESSIONS: DRIVING HOME is the first Cheryl Wheeler album I heard and it remains one of my all-time favourite albums. I first heard the song "Orbiting Jupiter" on Gene Shay's local PBS radio folk music show and rushed right out to buy the cd. The first song on the album, the title track, is the perfect beginning to a classic album; a relaxed-tempo conjuring a leisurely drive home. The album is filled with songs of universal experience ("Spring", "When Fall Comes To New England"), personal autobiographical-sounding lyrics ("Music In My Room", "75 Septembers") and comedy ("Don't Forget the Guns") which figure in every Cheryl Wheeler album. I love the album so much I awarded it the Penguin Award for Album of the Year in 1993. This would not be the last time Cheryl Wheeler would receive this great honour.

MY FAVOURITE TRACKS: Driving Home, 75 Septembers, When Fall Comes To New England, Orbiting Jupiter, Almost

GUEST ARTISTS: Allison Krauss (vocals), Jonathan Edwards (vocals, percussion, harmonica, tapered horn, producer), Patty Larkin (vocals, slide guitar)

FACT SHEET: This is Cheryl's first album on Philo/Rounder Records after leaving Capitol. After being virtually ignored at Capitol, Cheryl's album DRIVING HOME was heavily promoted by Philo/Rounder and three singles were released: "Almost" for Adult Contemporary Radio, "Silver Lining" for country radio and "75 Septembers" for general radio release. Jonathan Edwards produced the album. Cheryl co-wrote the song "Orbiting Jupiter" with Janis Ian.

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