Friday, May 25, 2012


YEAR:  2001
TRACK LISTING:  Vegas Two Times,  Lying In the Sun,  Mr. Writer,  Step On My Old Size Nines,  Have A Nice Day,  Nice To Be Out,  Watch Them Fly Sundays,  Everyday I Think of Money,  Maybe,  Caravan Holiday,  Rooftop
IMPRESSIONS:  Number 4 in our series of "Borders albums".  Yet another album I got into because it was frequently played on the overhead speakers while I was shelving cds at Borders.  Indie rock darlings Stereophonics "J.E.E.P." album features the quirky writing and cracked voice of Kelly Jones sounding as if he's just gargled with razor blades.  There are a couple "rockers" but the best songs are slowed down and reflective; this fact is probably owed to shake-ups in the band's life including Kelly Jones' break-up with his girlfriend at the time.  The single "Mr. Writer" finds Jones sneering at critics and their knee-jerk, pat conclusions.  "Step On My Old Size Nines" is a romantic (in the true sense of the word) ballad and arguably the best song on the album with its comfortable, loving feel.  One of several "story songs" on the album is "Everyday I Think of Money" where the singer drives a money truck and we experience the dreaming and planning of a crime and its inevitable aftermath; a song I've always thought of as Stereophonic's very own "There Goes A Tenner".      
MY FAVOURITE TRACKS:  Lying In the Sun,  Mr. Writer,  Step On My Old Size Nines,  Have A Nice Day,  Everyday I Think of Money,  Caravan Holiday
FACT SHEET:  JUST ENOUGH EDUCATION TO PERFORM is Stereophonics' third album.  The Welsh group consists of Kelly Jones (lead vocals, guitar, production), Richard Jones (bass) and Stuart Cable (drums).  All songs were written by Kelly Jones with the exception of "Mr. Writer" which was co-written with Marshall Bird.  The album is known by its acronym "J.E.E.P.", which earned the band the ire of Daimler-Chrysler for unauthorized use of the word "jeep".  In 2002, the album was re-released with an extra track of Stereophonic's cover version of "Handbags and Gladrags" as well as a hidden track called "Surprise".  Since I got the original album, I be not having them.  J.E.E.P. was nominated for a Penguin Award for "Album of the Year" and also for "Song of the Year" for "Step On My Old Size Nines".

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