Thursday, April 19, 2012

YEAR: 1960
TRACK LISTING: The Gentleman Is A Dope, That's How It Is, Come By Sunday, Imagination, April Heart, Roller Coaster Blues, Crazy He Calls Me, Namely You, Tired of Love, Let There Be Love, In Love For the Very First Time, The Point of No Return
IMPRESSIONS: Actress/sexpot Diana Dors only got to make on album but I think it's somewhat of a classic of it's sort. This is just the type of song she would sing in her cabaret or television appearances and I've always found the entire album a terrific listen. Dors actually has a respectable voice; nothing spectacular but definitely professional and not at all in the "golden throats" category. There's just something so damned likeable about this album as Diana croons without taking herself too seriously but also performing the songs straight. SWINGING DORS sounds like the album cover looks: sexy and playful. My favourite song on the album is probably "Come By Sunday" which features a slightly naughty twinkle in its eye; this song captures Diana Dors perfectly for me. And the fact that the orchestra is conducted by Wally Stott (the musical director of BBC Radio's classic groundbreaking "THE GOON SHOW" before becoming the future Angela Morley) is the icing on the angel food cake that is this album. Cocktails are called for when the needle hits this album's outer groove . . . and wonder of wonders, the album has actually (and at last) become available for download on itunes. How great is that?!?! To sum up: SWINGING DORS is like an audio smile!
MY FAVOURITE TRACKS: All of 'em. After all, there are only 12 and how can you not want more and more?!?
FACT SHEET: SWINGING DORS is Diana Dors' one and only full-length album. The orchestra is conducted by Wally Stott.

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