Saturday, April 28, 2012

BIG PIMP'S KUNG FU STUDIO   -   Big Pimp Jones

YEAR:  2003
LABEL:  Bad Funkmatron
TRACK LISTING:  Dunk It Down Chocolate Thunder (Clarence Foster and the Internal),  Evil Never Dies (Goliva),  K.R.O. Is On the Mix Tonight (K.R.O.),  Power Man and Iron Fist (Lucas Cage),  U.F.hO (Big Pimp Jones),  Slip N Slide (House Band of the Apocalypse),  Takin' Off (Will Cedeno),  Through the Planets (Jean Clique),  Funky Santa (Slickness),  The Alley (Skeeter Angieri),  Jam #42 (Artist Unknown),  Turn It Out (K.R.O.),  Stroll ("Velver Shmoov" Soundtrack),  White Backup Center Beat (K.R.O.),  Theme from "Deadly Disemboweling Crane Strike" (Dancing Viper St),  Booty Magnets (House Band of the Apocalypse),  Funkiest Ever (Moon Patrollers),  Illuminati Trilogy (Nihilism),  Skills Test (Legion of DJ) + Three Color Collar (Nosotros Pimpam),  Sex Fiesta Grande (House Band of the Apocalypse),  Cocoa Butter (The Chefs),  Sunday Afternoon (Smooth Vibes) + Drum Break (Nihilism),  Car Chase Theme from "Funk 92" (Artist Unknown),  Fry Chicken In Your Hot Pants - Valve
IMPRESSIONS:  We'll let Big Pimp speak for themselves:  "
All we've wanted to do since we started this stuff is take some hip-hop lyrics and put them on top of funk. And not just that funk where you're at a party with your people and some joint goes on, and you start nodding your head and quickly interrupt YOURSELF (since you're macking it someone) to say something like 'oh hey, this is a dope song'. NO. That ain't the kind of funk we're talking about. We're talking about that funk where you interrupt yourself to say something like "aaaaawwwwwWWWW YEAH!", stop macking, then run across the room to the DJ booth to see what that funky-ass record is, cause you GOTTA have it! That's what we're going for. We've been doing this for 12 years now, doing our best to give some funk back to hip-hop (since hip-hop's been in a taking mood with the funk) - 1) throwing some old school funk down on tape then 2) throwing some old school and new school verses and 3) going from there. And by 'going from there' we mean drink malt liquor, preferably Hurricane."
MY FAVOURITE TRACKS:  Has to be all of 'em because the album is edited together with no track spaces and is meant to be one continuous funk fest.
FACT SHEET:  BIG PIMP'S KUNG FU STUDIO is a collection of old and new instrumentals from Big Pimp Jones aka the band formerly known as K.R.O. and the House Band of the Apocalypse.  Originally intended to be released as a "fake compilation" disc and gives the names of imaginary bands in parentheses after the song titles; however, all music is by Big Pimp Jones.  The group consists of Keith aka K.R.O. aka Jo Jo Shorty (vocals), Chris aka Madd Ruckus aka Pooky (bass), Greg aka Chaos aka Vick Damone (guitar), Steve aka Sweet Toof (drums) and Jay aka Tondef (DJ).  "BONUS: 20 things you can do after you pop in Big Pimp's Kung Fu Studio

1. We ain't saying nothing, but the ladies get freaky for it.  2. Turn the volume down on the TV while you're playing your videogames and get the videogame soundtrack you've always been waiting for.  3. The Funky Chicken  4. Spice up kung fu fight scenes with the funk.  5. Barbecue some DAMN good chicken.  6. Watch the gas pedal, pardner, but be sure to pop in the uptempo sh*t for some drivin' music.  7. Pimp. You can pimp with this as your pimpin' soundtrack.  8. We ain't saying nothing, but the ladies take off all their clothes whenever these jams are played at a public swimming facility.  9. Do your damn housework. Nothing gets you through housework like the funk.  10. Watch action clips of Boba Fett. 1 1. Put the sound down and watch some golf on television. Seriously, it's ill.  12. (***NOTE: We are pimping our own stuff here***) Read that kick-*ss superfunk zine The Old School Beat.  13. Take your box out to the park with this in it, crack open a fine beverage, chill and catch some rays.  14. Practice your freestyle rhyming ability, there are 20+ tempos on this joint so you can hone battle skills at all tempos.  15. Break in your brand new $1000 Numark CD turntables by rocking and scratching two copies of this baby. Nothing beats a constant hour and a half of 'Dunk it Down Chocolate Thunder'.  16. Take the vocal samples and dump them into your computer. Imagine having your 'e-mail arriving' sound be a slick bassline from Madd Ruckus instead of that annoying bell tone.   17. Call up Bad Funkmatron Records and tell us you can rhyme better. Sh*t, prove it on the answering machine with one of the tracks. It'll cut you off after one minute, though, so you better make it count.  18. The Freak  19. You won't want to, but you'll probably slap your momma because the music forced you to - just all of a sudden, 'Momma?' - WHAP!  20. Just put it on as background music for some winter chilling."

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