Friday, September 2, 2011

TRIAGE - David Baerwald

YEAR: 1992


TRACK LISTING: A Secret Silken World, The Got No Shotgun Hydrahead Octopus Blues, Nobody, The Waiter, AIDS & Armageddon, The Postman, A Bitter Tree, China Lake, A Brand New Morning, Born For Love

IMPRESSIONS: This album came out around the height of "THE X-FILES" popularity and it is the perfect soundtrack for that political paranoia programme! The opening track (my favourite on the album) is beautifully creepy and concerns the singer being picked up by a mysterious man (who is very "Men In Black"-like) in his unidentified black car. The album is filled with conspiracy theory/paranoia/government cover-up stuff and Baerwald's writing is razor-sharp and evocative.

MY FAVOURITE TRACKS: A Secret Silken World, The Got No Shotgun Hydrahead Octopus Blues, AIDS & Armageddon, The Postman, Born For Love

FACT SHEET: TRIAGE is David Baerwald's second album. Baerwald originally was one-half of the duo David and David which achieved great success with their one album "BOOMTOWN" before splitting up for unknown reasons. In 1992, Baerwald and producer Bill Bottrell co-founded the Tuesday Night Music Club which was instrumental in the launching of Sheryl Crow's career (but we won't hold that against him). His father was political scientist Hans Baerwald, his mother Diane was a psychiatrist and his son Beker is a nationally-ranked basketball player. The album TRIAGE is an concept album about America's paranoid fringe-dwellers. It was critically acclaimed but didn't do well commercially.

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