Wednesday, January 30, 2013


YEAR:  1979
LABEL:  BBC Records
TRACK LISTING:  Genesis of the Daleks
IMPRESSIONS:  Before there was such a thing as a VCR, the only way to re-experience a favourite TV show was to plop your Radio Shack tape recorder in front of the TV speaker and tape it or else, if you were lucky enough, to find it on an LP.  I was doubly lucky to do both.  In 1979, just about a year and a half after I first discovered "DOCTOR WHO" (Thanks, Ronnie!), I came across this BBC record either in Wee Three Records or Sam Goody in the Moorestown Mall.  Naturally, after having a conniption, I purchased it and raced home to spin it.  The LP does a really nice job of editing down the entire multi-episode storyline into about an hour of vinyl time.  Things are helped along enormously by the narration of Tom Baker himself; giving the album the feel of one of those story-telling records we all grew up with (unless you're one of those know-nothing tots who missed out on all the goodies from the 70s).   Now, of course, we can watch the entire series on our HD TV on DVD but there's something really nice about hearing this recording which is quite a different experience entirely.  I think it goes back to the "old-time radio" concept of the "theatre of the mind's eye" because, having already seen the episodes on TV one can then listen to the record and conjure up images in one's mind of special effects that were never dreamed of at the BBC in 1975!  How great is that?!?!? 
MY FAVOURITE TRACKS:  There's only one.
BONUS TRACKS:  In 2001, "GENESIS OF THE DALEKS" was released on CD accompanied by another DOCTOR WHO radio play entitled "EXPLORATION EARTH". 
FACT SHEET:  DOCTOR WHO:  GENESIS OF THE DALEKS is an audio recording featuring the soundtrack from the television episodes with expository narration by Tom Baker.  Also in the cast are Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, Ian Marter as Harry Sullivan and Michael Wisher as Davros.  The storyline concerns the Doctor and his companions being sent back in time to the planet Skaro in order to prevent the creation of the Daleks.  The cover sleeve design was by Mario Moscardini.  Music and sound effects were provided by the BBC Radiophonic Orchestra.  In 2001, when "GENESIS OF THE DALEKS" was released onto compact disc, it was re-edited using the original master tapes for the audio; some dialogue additions were added and the narration audio was taken from Tom Baker's own copy of the original LP. 

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