Sunday, December 30, 2012


YEAR:  1971
LABEL:  Groove Merchant
TRACK LISTING:  Groove Grease,  The Bird,  Plain Brown Bag,  There Will Never Be Another You,  Canadian Sunset,  Mr. Lucky,  Moonglow,  Red Sails In the Sunset,  Secret Love
IMPRESSIONS:  Here we have another jazz master of the Hammond organ:  Jimmy McGriff.  And here we also have the era in jazz when artists were "fusing" funk and soul influences into their music.  Rob Theakston of allmusic waxes poetic (or maybe gastronomic) over the results as being " unsurprisingly delicious slice of jazz-funk made from the finest ingredients".  While I always preferred the Incredible Jimmy Smith on the Hammond keys, McGriff here provides a relaxed and funky variation on some old chestnut standards on the album's concluding half while providing some really nice funky jazz on the opening tracks.  The electric bass is the bedrock (provided by Richard Davis) while the other musicians are free to mildly improvise on the tunes herein.  Only a little over a half hour, GROOVE GREASE leaves you hungry for more. 
MY FAVOURITE TRACKS:  Groove Grease,  The Bird,  Plain Brown Bag,  Canadian Sunset,  Mr. Lucky,  Red Sails in the Sunset
FACT SHEET:  GROOVE GREASE is Jimmy McGriff's 22nd album. 

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