Tuesday, November 8, 2011


YEAR: 1992

LABEL: Giant

TRACK LISTING: I Love You Goodbye, Cruel, Silk Pyjamas, I Live In A Suitcase, Eastern Bloc (Sequel to Europa and the Pirate Twins), Close But No Cigar, That's Why People Fall In Love, Neon Sisters, Beauty of a Dream

IMPRESSIONS: We had Thomas Dolby's first album since it came out so I was something of a casual fan. "Europa & the Pirate Twins" was our dog Pandy's theme song; she knew all the words and would sing it every time it was played. Long story. However, ASTRONAUTS & HERETICS was reviewed on public radio when it came out featuring an interview with Thomas Dolby. Music clips played from the album were great and the album was getting very good reviews so I immediately went out and bought it at Strawberries. As I brought it to the checkout, the cashier exclaimed "Wow! Thomas Dolby! Whatever happened to him?" So I told him about the great reviews and how great the album sounded and he decided to buy a copy himself. I accept cheques or money orders, Thomas Dolby.

MY FAVOURITE TRACKS: I Love You Goodbye, Silk Pyjamas, I Live In A Suitcase, Eastern Bloc, Close But No Cigar, That's Why People Fall In Love, Beauty of a Dream

GUEST ARTISTS: Eddie Van Halen (guitar on "Eastern Bloc" and "Close But No Cigar"), Jerry Garcia (guitar on "Beauty of a Dream"), Bob Weir (guitar on "Beauty of a Dream"), Terry Jackson (bass), Eddi Reader (vocals on "Cruel"), Ofra Haza (vocals on "That's Why People Fall In Love")

FACT SHEET: ASTRONAUTS & HERETICS is Thomas Dolby's fourth album. Dolby made a move further away from his electronic sound of the 80's by composing on the piano as well as collaborating with other musicians for a more contemporary sound. Several songs have a strong cajun influence owing to some life experiences during Dolby's time in Louisiana. Rhythm Tribe's Thomas Guzman-Sanchez provides rhythm guitar on "That's Why People Fall In Love" for a Guarancha "Acid Latin" flavour. Terry Jackson played bass on several tracks before his death (along with seven other members of Reba McIntyre's support band) in a plane accident; Leland Sklar took over on bass guitar for the rest of the album. ASTRONAUTS & HERETICS was nominated for 1992 Penguin Awards for Album of the Year and Song of the Year (for "Beauty of a Dream" AND "I Love You Goodbye").

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