Monday, November 12, 2012


YEAR:  1975
LABEL:  Fantasy
TRACK LISTING:  Young and Foolish,  The Touch of Your Lips,  Some Other Time,  When In Rome,  We'll Be Together Again,  My Foolish Heart,  Waltz For Debby,  But Beautiful,  Days of Wine and Roses
IMPRESSIONS:  Here we have an album that was suggested to me by my friend Rama.  Being something of a modern-day beatnik, Rama was somebody I'd sometimes ask to recommend music or films or books when we worked together at the late, lamented Borders.  This was his recommendation one day as one of his favourites.  I can see why.  If there's only one Tony Bennett album to own, this is it.  The album is spare but not in a bad way; there is only Anthony Benedetto on vocals and Bill Evans on piano.  But there is a rapport between the two musicians, both at something of a low ebb in their careers in the mid-70s.  Bennett's singing is emotionally connected and immediate while Evans' accompaniment is sympathetic but still interesting in its own right.  Neither one overshadows the other and the result is something like a perfect set.  The songs, for the most part, are lesser-known selections and there's a real, personal connection that happens between the listener and this record which makes it a very "human" experience.  No adornment, no fluff or fireworks - just an enthusiastic voice singing songs he wants to sing for non-commercial reasons probably for the first time in decades and an accomplished pianist whose virtuosity elevates the singer's performance with a generosity of spirit while still providing equally worthy piano playing in between the vocals.  Really a perfect, equal team-up.
MY FAVOURITE TRACKS:  Hell, the album's only 35 minutes long.  All of 'em.
FACT SHEET:  THE TONY BENNETT / BILL EVANS ALBUM is the first album pairing Tony Bennett and Bill Evans.  The album was recorded between June 10-13, 1975 at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California.  The two would make another album together in 1977 on Bennett's Improv record label entitled "TOGETHER AGAIN".     

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